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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Graduates of which field get the most work ?

Ever wondered students of which undergraduate course are most employable? Do engineering students have a higher chance of gaining full-time employment than other Arts students?

In order to address these doubts, the Beyond Graduation 2009 survey investigated which university qualifications most often led to full-time employment following graduation.

Information was collected from more than 5800 Australian university graduates who completed their studies in 2006. Conducted by Graduate Careers Australia, it was discovered that overall, the proportion of bachelor degree graduates who are in full-time work has increased since 2006, rising from 76.9 per cent to 86.8 per cent in 2009.
Other outcomes were -:
1) Male bachelor degree graduates were more likely to be in full-time employment across the board than female graduates.
2) Engineering graduates are among the first who find employment. About 93.3 per cent engineering graduates work full time just four months after completing their studies, and enjoyed the highest rate of full-time employment after graduation.
3) The next most highly employed are health graduates, with 87.1 per cent finding full-time work immediately after graduating.
4) Creative art graduates, according to Career FAQs, experienced the least full-time employment after graduating, both immediately after graduating and three years later. In 2006, around 54 per cent found full-time work, and by 2009 this had increased to 75.3 per cent.

The survey also compiled the 5 most popular professions for Australian graduates of specific field -:
For Science Graduates
Natural and physical science professionals
  • Agricultural, medical and science technicians
  • Information and organisation professionals
  • Engineers
  • School teachers, lecturers
For Commerce Graduates
Accountants, auditors and company secretaries
  • Business administration managers
  • Information and organisation professionals
  • Sales, marketing and PR professionals
  • Advertising and sales managers
Five most common occupations for creative arts graduates:
Media professionals, journalists
  • Architects, designers and planners
  • School teachers
  • Sales, marketing and public relations professionals
  • Tertiary education professionals

Source :SAVVICA Inc

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