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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Brand India - Trust, quality, image, promises and glamor. Etc...

Some thing more intellectual in fashion, most productive, highest revenue generator, symbol of status - I am talking about brand's here.

Brand's are not just brands - they are symbol of status "Rolls-Royce", they are symbol of quality "BMW - German Engineering", they are symbol of trust "SBI - State Bank of India", they are symbol of fashion "LVMH - Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey", they are symbol of generation "Apple - Designed in California", they are symbol of innovation "TATA NANO", they are symbol of customization "DELL", they are classic symbol of hospitality "TAJ", they are symbol of sporting nature "NIKE - Just Do It", they are symbol of education "Oxford University", they are symbol of lifestyle " Abercrombie & Fitch", they are symbol of your image "Ray-Ban", they are symbol of thrust "Coca-cola - Pepsi".

Do brand's generate more revenue ?, Yes, they do. Value of brand and its attachment towards its users/followers is the tool to generate business. Eg: Apple - ipod/iphone/ipad/itunes, again a brand revolution in the consumer oriented hi-tech digital electronics market. Apple designed with perfection which is more handy and stylish, which gives pleasure, which generates i followers all around the world. People are queuing in front of Apple  showrooms on product release days - to checkout whats new? no, to buy? yes-no, to say "i tried it"? yes exactly. i lovers are more today, especially people of age 10 - 30 are crazy about i.

So what is the emerging market like India, China, Russia and Brazil's share in this brand revolution/revenue. Relatively  very less compared to developed economies like America, Britain, Germany, France and Italy. developed economies owns the maximum number of world's famous brands but they are produced by emerging and developing economies. Even in the two later economies people love the brands of developed economies. So the case is developed economies still enjoys the brand revenue and value. Established brands getting the scale of market very easily.
Indian Brand

When this situation is going to change ? 
When emerging and developing economies going to establish and appreciate their own brands ?

Brand's with no history is not doing well in the market, is it so? definitely not. Come up with quality in service/product and innovation in design, then observe the result. Success ratio is really high. Todays worlds famous brands were just 'start-ups' one day.

India with world's second largest population has its own market for new brands and products. Market is open to explorers - let us be home explorer's first.

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