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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Anti-Nuclear Protest in Japan. Japan Crisis. Focus on Nuclear Reactor 2.

Anger against nuclear power on Tokyo's streets. Protests. Street Walks. Fakushima Nuclear Plant under trouble.

Highest radiation level yet in water inside the Fakushima Nuclear Plant adding fuel to growing uncertainty and increasing concern. Street protest creates a poor confidence level among Japanese. Crisis continues and this street protest is the proof for the countries inclined confidence over nuclear industry.

All attention on Fakushima is now on the reactor number two, workers fighting to bring it under control and odor out of the building. Despite the mis-calculation of initial measurements, the authorities confirmed anyone near the highly radio-active water inside would have received four times their maximum annual dose of radiation in just one hour.

According to Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Mr. Yukio Edano on 27th March 2011; We are not sure why water is found in those places. We are trying our best to find the reasons and to identify the cause. Work is under way to eliminate the contaminated water so that restoration work can take place. 

It all means more uncertainty to the country which is already nervous. Among those who standing against nuclear power, ordinary people wants the change. 

Government assurance is that airborne radiations around the plant is falling of a little reassurance. In the sea nearby its increased again and the worry about the leaks within the plants reach the lives nearby.

Children will be affected much more than adults by nuclear leak - its time to voice my opinion. 

What will be the future of Japan, if the nuclear plant leaks. Japan government should take immediate actions to save people not only by sorting out nuclear plant issues but also with legal practices in the nuclear industry.

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