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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sustaining the Change !

Sustainability in this market place with lots and lots of changes on the go is very essential factor to consider to lead a business. Not only the market place, the production according to requirement - over production may lead a heavy loss to manufacturing units.

How to convert the over production as a profit ?

When over production exists - it exits when a market place shrinks and when our productions capacity expands with out finding the right market. Here we should concentrate on exploring the new markets, for eg. Cameras, today the cameras are not only the cameras and digital recorders - they were installed for surveilince, they are working in the place of human more effectively to manage the corporate work ethic. It creates more space for anti-crime activities. So the cameras now found a place which is much important in domestic market, now cameras are not the devices only made for occasions. They are now the goodie of every human. They create most memorable images of daily life in to pictures. Now even a pen has a camera embedded on it. This is how camera manufacturers explored and found the potential market place. Like wise what ever the product is there is a market. No matter how big your features are , creating awareness and occupying a place in the market matters. So just concentrate of exploring new phases of market just increase your companies market share 0.1% everyday. Dont stop at any point. Dont stop discovering.

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