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Friday, 18 January 2013

'PerFormer' will be a 'Former' one day.

All the great team will have their bad day.

In today's (18-01-2013) match Australian Cricket Team scored its 2nd least score of 74 runs for a 10 wicket loss against Srilanka Cricket Team. Score card was reading in 18 overs 38 runs for 8 wicket loss. The last 2 wicket partnerships scored equally to the prior 8 wicket partnerships.

Any day it's a sport. Take it sportive. No fights and No complaining about the players - we are not experts to evaluate their performance in one match.

They, players, have come a long way playing the same sport and yes, there is a time to retire - let them decide on it. They are published around the world, they play for a national team, they made us proud at many a times, they even won the World cups, they know when they are ill, they know when they are struggling, they know when to say good bye. Lets give them their space.

#Respect the Sport #Respect the Performer #No Performer is God #PerFormer will be a Former one day.

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