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Friday, 6 July 2012

Petrol Vs Diesel

I have gained momentum in India over last 30 years and now standing at a point you will never reach says Petrol.

I have powered and energised the economy of India during my entire life span in this land. I have created millions of lorry wallas, where I am the lifeline to run their own business. - says Diesel.

I have energised the air transport which make you reach across continents in few hours or in couple of days. - Says Petrol.

I have energised N number of ships all around the world which carries even you to the nook and corners of human space. - says Diesel.

Now the question time!!

Come you tell me who is highly beneficial to the human kind ? Who will help any economy to sustain even in massive economic falls ? Who will help a nation to win wars ? Who is friendly to environment ? Who does more good to you ?

Who wins the race Petrol or Diesel ??

Target - Petrol Vs Diesel.

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