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Saturday, 28 August 2010

MP's SALARY HIKE ? LET THEM HAVE IT ! *conditions Apply.

My Dear Indian Nationals,

Wish you all a happy RAMADAN month !

Just Listen !

Don't chase the few, who makes annoying bills pass, and the media which increases its own TRP by discussing those subjects on live TV - projects the issue in many annoying ways again.
Should keep our eye's open. Let the salary hike come, yes they are public servants should enjoy at least a good salary. They should educate their own family and wanted to save for their future.

Now, my point is, to request the center/parliament  to consider

1.Law's against bribe.
2.Law's against misuse of powers.
3.Educational allotments like minister quota.., etc.
4.Work leave.
5.Not attending Parliamentary sessions.
6.Violating parliament regulations and code of conduct.
7.Basic education for every Member of Parliament.
8.Total election cost every five years can be shared by participating members via EMI from their monthly salary. 
9.Traffic control by restricting number of vehicles used by any MP's on his road travel.
10.Every MP should adopt a village personally and should improve the economic and social reputation of the people.
11.Let the MP's consider their own medical problems and give way to next generation.

Let the parliament consider all the above points and even more stuffs there to consider, i just mentioned very few which i thought very important. All the democrats may have different views and wishes the parliament to consider, but it is not possible, though some important facts may be taken into account.
We are growing economy and young nation, give more and expect more is what i say. 

My NATION is my PRIDE, i am not the one to stop my countries development and i will not let anyone to stop.

I salute the Gandhian politician's !
I salute the Indian Democracy!

Writing with a pen nor a sword depends on my MP's. 

Not all Achievers are Leaders, but all Leaders are Achievers !!

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