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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

"Redesign your Personal Brand Image"

"I am not just a Professional, I can handle the rusty-dusty days!"

Leadership is not a easy task to handle, Leadership needs good leaders, good rulers, good executers, good speakers, good trainers, good statergy builders, smart and aggressive individuals as a single package. This kind of people can handle the dusty-rusty situations pretty well.

Now what the industry(company) is expecting from individuals or senior managers(officials) of the company to do, to step up in their career chart ?.

Here is a view, on how an individual can tranfer his skills into promotions !

Yes, a hardworking, young and talented professional of the company suddenly posted in to a leadership role by overtaking 15 senior officials of the same company. This man joined the profession two years back and working in the execution team, there he exposed his skills by agressive execution of the leaders plan and slight modifications to the leaders plan which improved the growth rate of the company and developed a better brand image. Here he build his own statergies and with the approval of leaders of the company, he executed it very well and acquired a bigger markert to the companies product. This is how he stepped up to the leadership level with in two years of work place experience and smart plans to sell his skills for his personal & career growth.

He never mind about 15 senior officials, when he was in execution team, nobody helped him to raise his skills out of his boundries. So, skill selling is one of the way to climb the leadership tree in an agressive and smart way. One should make sure that his agressiveness is not affecting his own growth.

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