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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SB Fotografie - Photography. Shout Out.

I did wanna shout out about my photography portfolio. Today, I decided to do it.

I had plans to create a photo blog, but then I found, where I met the veterans of picturing art. Slowly, started following and analyzing the real sense of photography.  Now, I completely in love with it.

Photography, the book of anything that exists - the book of everything that lives - the book of everything that shouts - the book of art.

I am happy to share my portfolio with all of you.

I have shared many of the pictures on my portfolio over Facebook before. But, in feature, the best will get its place in

500px is a excellent platform to learn, share and develop the photography skill set. Many photographers are in reach to get comments on your work and also you will get a chance to see the experts work.

Happy photography :)

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