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About Me

Evidently I am a Analyst. Business. Finance. Strategy. Sustainable Leadership. Sustainable Management. Entrepreneurship. Innovation Management. Technology Management. Reverse Innovation. Investment Management. Risk Management. Credit Management. Wealth Management. Project Management.

Industry Interests: Finance. Business Research. Renewable Energy. Automotive. Cloud Computing. New Age Technologies. i - Apple Technologies. G - Android Technologies. Mobile Technologies. Microprocessor Technologies. Brewery - Beer & Wine. Leather - Fashion & Designing. Textile - Merchandising, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting and Printing. Technical Textiles. Medical Textiles. Mining - Coal, Gold, and Fossil Fuel.Petroleum Engineering. Chemical Engineering. Rubber Technology. Manufacturing Technology. Food Processing. Clean Water Technology. Virtual Network Technology. WWW.

Aspire to Learn: Infrastructure Industry - Real-estate, Construction Management, Architecture. Interior and Exterior Designing. Painting Technology. Cement Manufacturing.

Editing in process.

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