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Friday, 18 January 2013

White Label ATMs - WLAs in India

Non-bank entities that setting up, owning and operating ATMs in India is called as White Label ATM Operators (WLAO). Non-bank owned & operated ATMs are called as White Label ATMs (WLAs).

On June 20, 2012 Reserve Bank of India (RBI) invited applications from minimum Rs.100 Crore net worth non-bank entities which incorporated in India under Companies Act 1956, to get authorisation to set up WLAs.

With an 23-25% year-on-year growth in the number of ATMs (90,000+ presently), their deployment has been predominantly in Tier I and Tier II centres. Adding on to banks efforts in this direction lots more to be done.

This move from RBI is to encourage setting up ATMs in Tier III and Tier IV centres and rural India.

After obtaining authorisation from RBI under the Payment and Settlement Systems (PSS) Act 2007 WLAs can start the operations in India. As a prerequisite non-banking entities getting authorisation for WLAs shoulda maintain a minimum net worth of Rs.100 crore at all times.

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'PerFormer' will be a 'Former' one day.

All the great team will have their bad day.

In today's (18-01-2013) match Australian Cricket Team scored its 2nd least score of 74 runs for a 10 wicket loss against Srilanka Cricket Team. Score card was reading in 18 overs 38 runs for 8 wicket loss. The last 2 wicket partnerships scored equally to the prior 8 wicket partnerships.

Any day it's a sport. Take it sportive. No fights and No complaining about the players - we are not experts to evaluate their performance in one match.

They, players, have come a long way playing the same sport and yes, there is a time to retire - let them decide on it. They are published around the world, they play for a national team, they made us proud at many a times, they even won the World cups, they know when they are ill, they know when they are struggling, they know when to say good bye. Lets give them their space.

#Respect the Sport #Respect the Performer #No Performer is God #PerFormer will be a Former one day.