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Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Facebook Effect...

Wondering what these social media can do in our daily life and in our daily business, these days it become's as a part of our daily activities. Every morning - wake up FB Notification check !, then getting up from bed. So, today FB is even in our bed.

How those young people made it, How they made all the global business giants their followers and customers for FB Marketing. Today even the FB Analytic's makes hell a lot of revenue. The FB - Social media plugin makes sense on all the business websites. They speak to general public or even to the targeted segment via FB. The most amazing thing is, a week ago one of the globally listed multinational consulting firm announced its 19th annual general meeting via Facebook before any other media.

In India we are really slow in accepting this huge change in social media, we are still reluctant in having a engaging Facebook page. Fortune 1000 companies has their highest customer engagement through Facebook and Twitter. We make plugins for them as a ITES but not making one for our-self. When we going to make it ? Even the Management Consulting firms releasing their reports saying India has more potential - in terms of Job market, Revenue and Business Opportunities and what not. 

They are doing it again ! Yes, they are. We work for them and we place ourselves in their lock. I wish we Indians should have changed a little earlier - Facebook is not running with out our economy. We Indians mean more than 40% share of Facebook's revenue. Let's encourage it and grow with it. 

Don't just be a user of social platform in Facebook, be a user of the business platform in Facebook.

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