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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Indian Abroad– a alarm call. Come back. Let’s Make India a Super Power.


We all imagine, foreign life is luxurious - can earn more - can make more savings – in the mean time we will miss  all our friends – relatives – the happiness which we usually share with relations. Let it be Family or Friend or Relative, the moments may not come back. Every one will be busy in making their family happy with bank balance, buying properties but usually miss the true life on this mother earth.

Working for some other nation, instead work for your home country, earn the relations, happiness, satisfaction and the salary. Salary alone will not be sufficient to lead a happy life. I bet you, ask any Indian living abroad to earn for their family, you will get the same reply “We lost all our happiness for money”. True, better work for Indian companies, take a break in your career tour all the countries you really wanted to visit, but do not go abroad for work more than four or five years. Your family and friends will miss you. You will miss them.

Let’s shape our nation. All developed nations using the Indian brains to succeed in their own field in their own way. Learn the Mantra – get back to mother India – give your share to boost our Own Economy.

We can rule the market, if we truly work for us. Let’s fund all the developing nations in another few years. We need our Indian Super Brains to support Indian Companies and Government. I call the strategist’s to enter politics for socio-economic cause and not for one’s personal benefits.

The next generation Indians will have a developed India. Lets hope for the best. Lets work together to make it happen.

No poverty, No world bank credit, Naturally rich – Richest educated human capital – Richest pool of technically strong minds. Lets make India a super power.

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